Some of you may wonder why we decided to visit Wakura Onsen and dedicate a blog/website to our 3 days trip there.
A brief Wikipedia intro as first explanation:
 Wakura Onsen (和倉温泉?) is a hot spring (onsen) resort located on the edge of Nanao Bay at the base of the Noto Peninsula in Nanao,Ishikawa, Japan. It one of several well-known, high-end onsen resorts in Japan. Wakura Onsen has existed as a resort for 1,200 years; it was originally discovered by a traveling priest who noticed an injured crane bathing its wing in the warm water.

Here, 2 main reasons, at least for me: a 1,200 years old onsen history, and a very Japanese and poetic explanation about its existence. Love the crane story, specially when you know that the crane is one of the strong Japanese symbol.

Keep tune as we still have many pictures to share with you.

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